We rise to the challenge of realizing your daily needs
so you can focus on things that matter the most.

We understand the value of your time. That's why we provide a range of personalized services to make your busy life a lot easier.

It can be as simple as your weekly groceries. Keeping your home clean and tidy. Serving you delicious food every day. Or helping you pick a gift for your loved ones. We got them all covered for you.

That too with just a few taps on your phone.
So focus on things that matter in life. Enjoy doing what you love. Let us take care of the rest.

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Fingerprints that drive everything we do
Efficiency, and Focus - that's what drives us to deliver impeccable services. Problem-solvers by nature, empathy and humility are inbuilt in our lean transformative culture. Reflecting how we each aim to make a meaningful impact in people's lives.
At Nasah Companies we believe giving back to sociaty is not only a religious duty but also corporate responsibility. That's why we donate the right amount of Zakat each year from our earnings. And we encourage everyone to do the same.

We have now made it easier for you to know the minimum amount you can donate in Zakat.



Women in a World of Men

Wage gap. Harassment. SOCIETY. The common forces against women at work.


The Asians are Here!

Netflix and burgers or even pizza seems super appealing but sometimes we need a change in taste.


Changing the Cleaning Game

Cleaning should be a habit, not a choice. And this is exactly what the scene in Bangladesh today is like.

Across all our concerns, one thing is universally true of the people of Nasah Companies: We care deeply about what we do and the impact we have on the lives of our customers and communities. It is personal to all of us.
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