The Asians are Here!

Netflix and burgers or even pizza seems super appealing but sometimes we need a change in taste.

Perhaps a more Asian cuisine could be the “different” that we are looking for?

Searching through restaurant pages on Facebook trying to find that perfect place to meet your cravings seems daunting.

To put an end to your misery, we bring to you Asian Express!

“Just another Asian restaurant” might be your first thought but, trust us, it’s not!

Bringing authentic Asian food at your table is what they stand for. And when you indulge in their delicious range of food, you’ll agree to this!

The best part? Affordable prices!

Whether you have to give a treat or take your family out for food, this is one place you can go to.

Don’t worry about the different choices you have because Asian Express has that covered too. You can choose various items from their menu and make your own combo. Select rice or noodles, pair it up with chicken, beef, salad, or any Asian item you’re craving; they have all the options for you!

Not someone who’s good with decisions? Make your pick from their pre-made combos; delicious rice combined with meat and vegetables is just one of the alternatives to choose from.

If you’re not in the mood for something heavy, you can have their appetizer platter. Crafted with rolls, wontons, and fish cakes, these appetizers will amp up your taste buds!

And now for their specialty…


Known as the Chicken Dim Sum, these bite-sized delicacies will leave you wanting more. If chicken is not your taste, you can try the Shrimp Dim Sum that is equally refreshing! At Asian Express, you will find that the items are served in just the right proportions, making it enough to satisfy your hunger. The amazing balance of spices of each food item brings out a perfectly appealing taste.

All in all, this Asian cuisine place is the ultimate place for your comfort food.

If you want a taste that is different from your usual junk food, then this Asian Express is the way to go!